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Eric Young


Eric Young has vast artistic expertise, having accumulated over 20 years of experience. Over the course of these two decades, this Canadian businessman has served, in turn, as producer, agent, broadcaster, creator, and director of live shows, as well as producer of musical content (disc) and producer/creator of television content.Read more

Olivier Loubry


Director, actor, choreographer, and author, Olivier Loubry is one of the few child artists who have been able to carve out an enviable career path over the years. Olivier kicked off his career at age 10, starring in several popular television series.Read more

Gérard Pullicino

Content Collaborator_

Director, producer, author, and composer, Gérard Pullicino has always has a taste for the eclectic. Television, film, theatre, music: he has tried his hand at every genre and quickly became one of his generation's most talented and appreciated French television producers.Read more

Creation team

Eric Young


Olivier Loubry & Eric Young (Collaboration)


Gérard Pullicino & Marc Gélinas

Content collaborators

Eric Young & Olivier Loubry, Sylvain Larocque, Marc Gélinas (Collaboration)


Stéphane Bourgoin

Magic director 

Nicolas Gignac

Magic collaborator

Dani Lary & Théo Dari (Laserman)

Magic conceptors

Ian Dubois, Dominique Gauthier, Serge Lacasse

Technical development and integration

Sandy Caron

Assistant director

Lüz Studio

Set, visual and lighting design

Eric Young

Sountrack conceptor 

Marc-André Roy

Musical arrangement

Maud St-Germain


Mireille Vachon

Costumes co-conceptor

Marie-Hélène Lampron, Carole Castonguay, Rachel Tremblay, Charlyne Guay

Costumes collaborators

Eve Monnier


John Londono

Video conceptor (wise men)

Atelier Morel Leroux inc., Marc-André Labelle, Milsuite FX, Productions Yves Nicol, Systm Kabyki, Pur FX, Alain Provencher, Guy Fortin, Alain Jenkins

Machinery and accessories

Solotech, Cargolution, Artys Transit, Location Légaré, Scène Scapin


LMG Communication graphique


Touring team

Jean-François Daoust

Technical Manager & Lighting director

Alexandre Brochu Labbée

Touring manager & Chief sound-engineer

Mylène Isabelle

Stage Manager

Sylvianne Binette

Stage manager and set stagehand

Mathieu Lord

Video director and monitoring

Eric Gagnon

Video assistant and cameraman

Charles Leblanc

Chief electrician and fixed cameraman

David Melançon

Rigger and stagehand

Bruno Bastien

Lead stagehand


Nicolas Gignac

Gao the Passer

Jérémie Earp

Ari the Sorcerer

Caroline Petrement

Red the Awakener

Sébastien Louis-XVI

Max the Enchanter

Julian Phetnouvong

Val the Magnetizer

Production team

Entourage Spectacle

A Production

Eric Young

Executive producer

André Young

Associated producer 

Fabrice Brasier

Business development 

Élodie Lefebvre

Deleguated producer

Marc Gélinas

Content producer 

Christian Giguère

Sales director and touring agent 

Serge Lacasse

Technical director 

Julie Parenteau

Production coordinator